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Steve Santee began his business in 1978, when large instrument retailers were shutting down their repair departments. However, the need for quality repair remained. Trained in electromechanical repair, business, and with field experience at Wurlitzer, Steve decided to go into the organ and piano repair business. To stay abreast of new technologies, Steve attends the many service schools offered by each manufacturer, and he also networks with fellow national technicians through the Musical Instrument Technicians Association.

Serving Kansas City for almost 35 years, Steve Santee has become a household name in organ and electric piano repair. His expertise and experience in this field is virtually unmatched in the Kansas City area. He has had the experience of fixing every kind of organ from antique to modern varieties, as well as all types of digital and electric pianos, including rare and vintage models. Specifically, Santee is trained in: tube, transistor, IC, digital, digital multiplexing, computer, and bellows and reed restoration. From professional musicians to collectors, churches to recording studios, Santee's Organ Service is your personal repair service. If you're looking for an honest, affordable, expert technician,